Aboriginal programs at Gorokan High School

Our thanks to the Aboriginal students who attend our Storylines Youth Ambassadors Program for putting together this video. The students highlight the fantastic Aboriginal initiatives at their school, Gorokan High School.

What we do at Gorokan High School

At Gorokan High School
We have lots of traditional games,
We have a dance group,
We have art groups,
We go on excursions,
We have many curtural oportunities,
We are very cultural welcoming,
We have didgeridoo groups,
We have good connections with community and elders,
We have Aboriginal staff,
We have bush tucker,
We have a walking track,
Do star struck,
We have a yarning circle,
At Gorokan High School we have a whole heap of Aboriginal art.

Thanks to the following students for taking part in this video:
Jaydon Crawford
Cooper Logan
Tyronne Mc Kinney
Beyleigh Neaves
Natahila Scott
Kaby Swannell
Matty-J Lennard
Isabella Dutton
Jazlyn Raveneau
Selena Po-Williams
Johnson Bodel
Hayden Raveneuau
Merissa Blake
Bianne Sales

Story submitted by Storylines Youth Ambassador Program, Melinda Brown and Jessica Russell. Published in 2023.